Weekend Information

Date: August Friday 13th – Sunday 15th

Arrive at Village Marina at 10am Friday. Boat leaves at 10:15am sharp!

Cost:  The cost for the entire weekend including food (Not liquor), gas for all of the watercrafts will be $80.00 per person. This price may vary slightly up or down depends on how many people come.

Alcohol: Bring your own

Driving: Please make arrangements for car-pooling and splitting the car gas independently. There is a parking fee of $10.00 day per vehicle that will also have to be split independently between the passengers of each car. 

Parking Info:

SLEEPING: Everyone needs to bring their own pillow and one blanket. 

COVID-19: Please have at least your first COVID-19 vaccine shot prior to coming up to the cottage. 


Village Marina Location

Photo Gallery 2018-2020

Don't feel left out of this is your first guys weekend.

You'll have a blast! I guarantee it*

*In the event of unforeseen situations such as natural disasters or an apocalypse, Lord Quintyn and associates cannot guarantee you will have a blast. LMAO 😉

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